Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma is an initiative of The Art of Living Foundation - established with a global vision of bringing the best of Ayurveda to the world. With a bouquet of services ranging across traditional Ayurvedic therapies, lifestyle treatments, spa and beauty treatments, the centre blends ancient Ayurvedic sciences within a modern environment.

Located within the International Art of Living Centre, Bangalore, this Ayurvedic haven is spread over 65 acres. Flowering foliage decorates winding footpaths to welcome you, while the exquisitely beautiful Vishalakshi Mantap - the central meditation hall - gleams beside a placid, lovely lake. All this, along with well-trained therapists and some of India’s finest Ayurvedic physicians, creates an ecosystem of positive energy and good health.

The centre offers the ideal getaway from the fast-paced, mundane everyday life to a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. It has been set up not to sell Ayurveda as a product, but rather to provide a wholesome, complete experience that will leave you enriched, refreshed, and present you with a unique opportunity to rekindle a relationship with nature and getting back to where you belong.