Modern day duties drive people into stressful lifestyles. Our wellness packages are equipped to let you unwind and relax in a positive environment.

Ayurveda aims to improve the overall well-being. This form of alternative healing is considered effective in curing a number of diseases, even chronic in nature. Ayurveda medicines cure a variety of ailments like hyperacidity, asthma, constipation, diabetes, gastritis, hypertension, heartburns, liver ailments and cholesterol problems.

Wellness program considerations:

  • Nadi Pariksha (pulse diagnosis): For precise diagnosis, we recommend you to visit us for consultation on empty stomach or 3 hours after food.
  • Therapies will be affirmed after doctor's consultation as per the individual's body type to maximize results.
  • Sattvic Dining: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as recommended by the doctor
  • Yoga & Meditation: As recommended by the doctor
  • Stay room facilities: Air-conditioned, furnished room with attached balcony, modern amenities, Wi-Fi access and more.
  • Nature's trail: A walk through our bounteous herbal garden, Radha Kunj- the garden overlooking the lake, Goshala and more surprises awaiting you.
  • Commute within the facility: Battery operated eco-friendly vehicles and shuttle services

Kindly note:

  • Package cost is subject to change with additional treatments, services and accommodation preferences.
  • Internal medicines are not included as it is based on doctor's prescription
  • Our guests are requested to notify us about medical conditions including allergies and health issues, before undergoing therapies or treatments.
  • For Ladies Only: During menstrual cycles, no therapies or treatments take place, as Ayurveda strictly recommends complete rest during the period. Pregnant women are advised to commence therapies only after doctor's consultations, as the techniques for to-be- mothers' differ from a regular massage.
  • We have a 24 hours check-in and check-out policy
  • This package can be availed only at Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma in Bangalore

aliments treatment


Duration: 2 days

Benefits: Improves blood circulation, refreshes mind, brings body to balance, reduces stress and nourishes skin

Duration:10 days

Benefits:Removes cellulite, healthy and moisturized skin, increases immunity, balances body inside out, improves blood circulation, overcomes fatigueness and feels refreshed

Relaxation for Couple

Duration: 2 days

Benefits: In addition to the benefits offered in relaxation package, the couple package is developed exclusively for couple, looking for a weekend getaway with us!

Skin & Hair Care

Duration: 7 days

Benefits: Suitable for all types of skin and hair. Treatment for skin allergies, anti-ageing, warts, acne, blisters. Nourishes scalp and hair, promotes lustrous hair, dandruff treatment, reduces hair loss and hair greying.

Women's Care

Duration: 7 days

Benefits: Maintains and improves the endocrine system and pituitary ovarian axis, helps to regulate menstrual cycle, treatment for obesity, prevents thyroid issues, depression

aliments treatment


Duration: 5 days

Benefits: Cleanses toxins, results to weight loss, improved appetite, purification of body and mind, strengthens physiology.

Duration: 8 days

Benefits: Rejuvenate all 11 systems in the body, minimized relapse of diseases, heals body & mind, increases vital life force of the body, reduces cholesterol, improves immunity, cleanses toxins, results in weight loss and improves appetite


Duration: 14 days

Benefits: Drives positive energy, relaxation of mind and body, increased alertness, improved work-life balance, eliminates stress, insomnia, fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

Weight Loss

Duration: 7 days

Benefits: Removes retention of fluids and toxins, corrects GIT, reduces belly fat, eliminates insomnia, boosts confidence, absolute relaxation of mind & body

Duration: 14 days

Benefits: Releases joint pain, reduces fat and increases metabolic rate, eliminates, balances doshas, calms the mind, removes retention of fluids and toxins, corrects GIT

Duration: 21 days

Benefits: Corrects hormonal imbalances and calms the mind, prevents and controls diabetes removes retention of fluids and cleanses toxins, maintains weight for long term, prevents and controls obesity, corrects GIT, setting the biological clock

aliments treatment

Spine Care

Duration: 3 days

Benefits: Relives inflammation, releases spasm from affected area, strengthens supportive tissues holding spine/joint, improves circulation of joints

Back Pain

Duration: 5 days

Benefits: Increases blood circulation to the lower back, strengthens lumbar plexus (nerves), relaxes muscles

Duration: 21 days

Benefits: No reoccurrence, relieves muscle stiffness, corrects the alignment of the inter vertebral disks, long term relief from pain

Cervical Spondylosis

Duration: 5 days

Benefits: Strengthens the cervical plexus, relaxes frozen shoulder, eliminates neck stiffness

Knee Care

Duration: 6 days

Benefits: Strengthens knee ligaments, reduces knee stiffness, joint pain, removes inflammation, osteoarthritis treatment

Digestive Care

Duration: 3 days

Benefits: Relief from acidity, hyperacidity, gas, constipation, flatulence, gastritis, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome

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