Tight deadlines, stiff competition, frayed nerves and flying tempers of today can prove to be quite stressful. Since times immemorial, yoga and meditation have been the two most effective ways to release stress and its practise is needed now more than ever before.

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma is situated in the heart of nature to allow you in absorbing positive vibrations. Our experienced yoga masters guide you in your personal journey to holistic wellness. Here, you will be able to harmonize with nature and balance your mind, body and breath.


Yoga harmonizes the body and mind through various breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas) and meditation (dhyana). Apart from the obvious health benefits and curative value, yoga brings the much needed calm and stillness into your life.


The yoga asanas and pranayama prepares the mind for meditation. When the mind becomes free from agitation and is calm, you experience deeper awareness, peace and joy. Meditation helps rejuvenate and purify the entire nervous system and the benefits are manyfold.

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